We make it possible to compensate the unavoidable CO₂ output of your items

100% of your contribution is invested to plant trees on Dutch soil

How we do this?🤔

By empowering fashion- brands and lovers to make greener choices

We don’t ‘just compensate’. We make a real positive change.

Sounds fishy?
Explore why you can make a positive impact with our unique approach

How do we do this?

We calculate the CO2 output of the fashion brand and each unique article.

We make it accurate and traceable. 

The fashion brand receives personalised tips and guidance to reduce their CO2 inhouse.

Use personalized AI-generated tips to reduce your footprint across the value chain. Personalized tips made practical & simple.

Offset the unavoidable

After the fashion brand took their responsibility. We give you, the fashion lover, the chance to offset the unavoidable CO2 output of your order.

Via this mechanism everyone takes their responsibility

Together we start decarbonising the fashion industry, today

What have we achieved so far?

55 Trees planted

This is ‘growing’ everyday, see the total overview below.

1.64 Tons CO2 captured

The equivalence of X flights from Amsterdam to New York

What have we achieved so far?

See the geolocation of the trees planted by fashion nature lovers


lanting projects provided by LifeTerra

The Bold action takers

Fashion brands that use the Emissa software to decrease their CO2 output

DTCH shoes

Still got questions?

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is the second biggest CO2 polluter in the world. With an output of 10%. Hence it is super important to buy clothes with a good thought. Shop them vintages or at one of our partner brands that do their best to reduce their output.

To take responsibility for doing a little harm to the climate. Buying new clothes occasionally does have a bad impact on the world. Offsetting this via a genuine way minimises the harm that has been done. Buying nothing or vintages is the best way to go. Yet we know, that sometimes you just need that new outfit, even though you already have one similar #guilty.

We are a social enterprise on a mission to accelerate the decarbonisation of the fashion industry. Bridging the big gap between the need to take action now and the wait and see attitude of the EU legislation. By helping brands and customers to make the right decision towards fashion with less output.

Trees we plant not only store CO2, but ours also provide more biodiversity and is the most tangible source of offsetting. The Dutch soil and climate are perfect for trees to grow and flourish. Moreover, a big part of the fashion brands output is realised in the country of activity; which is the Netherlands. And for the fashion lover, it is more appealing to have contributed to a nearby tree, than somewhere vague across the globe. 

On average it will stay for 40 years in its place. If no nature disaster has come to interference this :s 

We calculate the CO2 output following the LCA methodology, this thé known standard in the fashion industry. Our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology is based on primary data, industry standards and best practices. We use an allround and scientifically sound approach to assess the environmental impact of the fashion products. If you have any questions about this or in general, feel free to shoot a mail to info@emissa.eu

The compensation amount is strongly variable towards the pollution that is connected to the fashion piece you buy. If this is lower than expected it indicates that the CO2 output of this item is low. In general, buying clothes from companies that do their best decrease their output, have less polluting clothes with a lower fee for compensation. Via a compensation done by Emissa you offset (almost) the precise CO2 of the bought fashion piece(s), so no random tree planting but real calculations of your contributed output 🙂 

No, Emissa is not a certification. We are a platform that facilitates transparency and sustainability in fashion by providing data-driven insights. While we do not issue brand certifications, our platform empowers brands to reduce their output and communicate their sustainability efforts effectively.

Currently €6, the trees are sourced by our verified partner LifeTerra.

Team Emissa

Long lasting friends & data nerds, with a shared crush: mother nature.

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