Start your cost-efficient sustainability transition and strengthen the relationship with your customers

Measure, reduce and improve the carbon footprint of your fashion products, while involving your customers at every step. The Emissa platform helps brands understand where they stand and how to act to become more sustainable.

How Emissa Works

With our quick and effortless onboarding method, analysing the product’s footprint has never been that easy. Emissa helps you collect and map the right sustainability data to measure the carbon footprint of your products.
Make becoming sustainable less of a hustle. Emissa makes your product’s footprint easy to understand and offers AI-powered tips to reduce impact across the product’s value chain. We prioritize action and guide you through the implementation.

Allow customers to actively participate and balance their transaction’s footprint by offering carbon compensation projects at check-out. Unlike others, we only work with the best certified projects, offer transparency in financials and specific location of the project.

Values Emissa brings to your business

Quick and effortlessly carbon footprint analysis

Gathering footprint data has never been this easy and accurate. 

Insight in your business’ footprint

Learn and understand where impact can be made across your product’s value chain, from cradle to customer.

Effortlessly reduce in-house emissions

Use personalized AI-generated tips to reduce your footprint across the value chain. Personalized tips made practical & simple.

Let customers participate with one-click

Empower customers to balance the carbon footprint of their order by financing (local) verified compensation projects.

Strengthen the connection with your customers

Build a connection with your eco-conscious customers. Proudly share your and the customers sustainability journey using automated reports, infographics and trackable insights.

The sustainability journey your customers want

Emissa’s platform helps you to implement a climate action program that meets the demands of the public and involves your customers in the journey towards a sustainable shopping experience. By offering them an option to shop your fashion items more sustainable, giving your customers the unique chance to compensate for their consumption.

Customers will follow


€0.65 / pair

Making an average dress creates about 23kg CO2


€0.87 / pair

Making an average dress creates about 31kg CO2


Partner up with Emissa

Start the sustainability journey your customers are waiting for!

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Transparency is a must in gaining trust

We’re totally upfront about our carbon offset pricing. There’s no markup, so you pay exactly what we pay. Plus, we carefully evaluate and have third-party verification for each project. Share the ins and outs of the offset process and projects with your customers to get them fully engaged and empowered.

  • Transparent about our co2 calculations
  • Transparent about the transferring of the offset funds
  • Transparent about the progress and places of the sustainable projects
With Emissa, you can build trust and make your journey towards carbon neutrality totally bullet-proof.

You’ve made it this far – starting is easy