Meet Emissa,

Here to make online fashion shopping a little less harmful. By helping webshops make a direct and long-term sustainable impact.


Factual CO2 Insights

Emissa helps fashion brands to accurately estimate and track real-time product footprints. These insights allow brands to take action and offer a climate-friendly shopping experience.


Emissa prioritises emission reduction. Brands are provided with personalised tips and tricks to take in-house measure to reduce the emission in their product supply chain.


It is almost impossible to reduce the complete footprint of a product. Offset the remaining carbon emissions together with the customer by allowing them to invest in verified carbon compensation projects at the checkout. This enables a carbon-neutral shopping experience, all done with full transparency.

“Via your decision to compensate, there will be less harm to nature be done.”


We combine your pennies with other sustainable shoppers and directly transfer them to our amazing partners, who are making the world a better place. Partners that are truly helping the planet, we pick them on our own high standards. All our funds’ transfers are 100% transparent and will be soon visual on our site.

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Whether you are a fashion lover, environmentalist, or brand owner. Together we make fashion consumption more climate-friendly.