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CO2 Offset
17,92 kg
Trees on Dutch soil - by LifeTerra
Estimated CO2e capture in 40 years (?)
2,800 tonnes of CO2eq
About the project
Planting a diverse mix of tree species is essential to our planting plan. We believe firmly in “the right tree in the right place”, for more effective land restoration and greater ecosystem resilience. More info.
Precise Location of Your Tree
(51.843, 4.511)

Your Impact

CO₂ Captured
kg CO2 so far
after 40y
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18.3 km
Kilometer driven
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Deel jouw certificaat!

Without your contribution, no tree was planted.

We combine multiple compensations from multiple orders to plant a genuine tree on local Dutch ground. A real additionality. 

Each tree will last for a minimum of 40 years. No greenwashing ‘forest restoration’ projects or untrackable trees across the globe.

Real impact near you.

Our planting partner LifeTerra in (happy) action

Fashion cannot only be about looking good

How is the CO2 measured?

We calculate the carbon emissions of your article across all stages of its lifecycle, according to GHG guidelines.

Farming and production
Shipping and transportation

How it works

You can compensate the CO2 that is left after MADE out of has done their part.

Step 1:

Calculate CO2 of the fashion items

Step 2:

Fashion brand makes an effort to reduce CO2

Step 3:

Fashion customer compensates the CO2 that is left

Explore the community impact

See the impact done by MADE out of in-house reductions and the compensation that has been done by their community (you &co).