Accelerate the decarbonisation of the fashion industry

The first sustainability platform that helps brands decarbonize, today and net-zero in the future – focussing on AI powered footprint measurements and reduction.

Start Making an Impact Today

Becoming a sustainable brand is becoming a must, finally. Yet, it can be experienced as a real hustle by fashion brands. Where to start? How to finance? How to communicate?

Luckily, we are here to help.

Know your footprint

Footprint insights and reduction guidance focussed on efficiency. (Knowledge is power, we give you the starting point and guidance towards a sustainable brand)

Learn to Reduce

Emissa’s platform works towards real improvement of nature and environment.

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers and become Batman & Robin in the fight for climate.

The journey starts now

Using Emissa, we make it possible for you to offset the CO2 that cannot be reduced through in-house measures. Using our dedicated partners, we are able to offer local verified climate mitigation projects close to you and the source.

With Emissa, you can build trust and make your journey towards carbon neutrality totally bullet-proof.

Start your sustainability transition and
strengthen the relationship with your shoppers